What happens when modern day inconveniences meet brilliant and driven people? There are technology breakthroughs that we can use to give some ease in our everyday living.

Here are 15 examples of them:

  1. Waterproof keyboard

At last, we don’t have to place our drinks ten meters away from our keyboards when we’re working. No more worrying about spills again.

  1. Tiny disposable phone battery

No electricity on your destination? Bring these little guys to provide your phone more battery life.

  1. Edible water bottle

This is a good alternative to bottled water. Less space is taken and less thrash to worry, this gel formed water is more portable to bring with us.

  1. Portable power outlet

Don’t be restricted by your house’s structure nor be worried about tripping on the wire of an extension cord. By rolling like a tape, this device can make an outlet anywhere.

  1. Benches with USB port

Sit back, relax and charge up both you and your device with this bench while you are resting or waiting for someone.

  1. Stackable handles

Too many glasses to carry but you only have two hands like a normal human being? Then this stackable handles for glasses will surely help you get this task done spill free and in one trip.

  1. Battery with USB port

With USB ports being just about anywhere, your device that runs on a classic battery will never have to worry about running out of power again.

  1. Heat sealer for plastic bags

No need to throw away unfinished snacks again. Just seal it, keep it and finish it later while still maintaining the crisp you enjoy.

  1. Available parking space pointer

You don’t have to be in a hurry to appreciate this one. Who likes driving around the parking lot just to find a space for your car or see if there’s one?

  1. Pointing bookmark

This bookmark more than just keep the page you’re reading, it points at the exact part where you left off as well. Very useful when reading big books bombarded with small texts.

  1. Pocket printer

Printing needs may come in small sizes too. With this device, print your photos or files anywhere as you can carry this around in your pocket.

  1. Anti-mosquito patch

There are places you have to go where mosquitoes are too numerous to kill. A solution to keep them from feasting on your blood is to hide from them. This patch makes you invisible to mosquitoes.

  1. Type n Walk

Need to be on a typing conversation while on the go? Then this app for your phone will surely help you avoid getting accidents. It uses your phone’s camera to see what’s in front of you while you type. Neat!

  1. Transparent Toaster

If you want your toasts to be more tailored to your taste, then this device is for you. You can see exactly the color of the bread so when you think it’s brown enough, pop it up.

  1. Fresh meat dispenser

For people whose lifestyle doesn’t allow those to shop at their local grocery and still want to eat fresh meat. Or if you just crave meat for midnight snack, this one got your back.