Give your feline friends an awesome and comfy living by adding these sleek, modern cat accessories to your home. You and your furry companion will surely love it.

  1. Modular Cat Tree

This is brought to you by KATRIS. This sleek cat accessory includes a set of 5 blocks that come in different shapes and ten clips to secure the blocks together. Each block is consisting of more than 200 sheets of quality paperboard. It features flexibility. Meaning to say, you can create whatever kind of formation you want. Imagination is your limit. The furniture can endure more than 300lbs of weight.

  1. Cat Furniture from Okawa

In Okawa Japan, a campaign has been conducted to showcase the incredible skill of legacy furniture makers in the city. There’s the Raffine petite bed to let your cat have a comfortable sleep. There’s also a feline sofa so your furry companion will have their own place to chill. It’s crafted by the Hiromatsu Furniture.

  1. Neko Cat Tree with Modern Design

Neko is a Japan-based company producing awesome cat trees. Their cat tree features a marble base with a post wrapped in hemp cord made in Japan. The marble base helps cat cool down while the post is made specifically to allow cats to sharpen their claws. The wrapping can be replaced once tattered. The tree also features wool pads so cats where cats can rest. The tree is specifically crafted using quality materials and intricate process to ensure durability while giving the feel of natural wood.

  1. Yarfie Furniture for Cats

The pieces consist of flat weave rug and CNC milled plywood. The idea behind the line of this awesome and gorgeous cat furniture came after a friend of one of its creators questioned the aesthetics of the cat accessories and furniture available in the market. Their end product falls somewhere between sculpture and cat furniture.

  1. Indot Customized Cat House

Indot, a Taiwan-based interior design company, designs incredible cat furniture such as a suspended enclosure that accommodates four cats. The enclosure features a wood frame and glass. This piece gives cat their own space while letting their humans appreciate and see them.

Thanks to passionate and creative designers, unlike years ago, cat owners these days can already access beautifully designed pieces of accessories for cats. So you can now say goodbye to unsightly scratches and old, traditional cat furniture and stuff.