There are times when life throws us a curveball, not a big ball though and the curve isn’t that sharp either. It’s just enough to make us notice its effect. Not life altering but noticeable still. Each era has its own challenges and modern age, not wanting to be left behind, has its own way of making us scratch our heads. Here are some of them.

  1. Slow internet

“I wish the image would load slower”. “I hate videos that buffer so fast”. If you’re surfing the net and Google homepage itself takes 10 seconds to load, you’re in for a bad time.

  1. Junk mail

Cluttered inbox is a pain, especially when 80% of the contents are spams and junks. Decades of improvement in computing and we still see this problem. It seems like junk mails are keeping up.

  1. Slideshow articles

An article titled six ways to do something and yet you only see one item. That’s right, you need to load the next page to see the second, and another for the third and so on. What a wonderful waste of time. Imagine if you have to look at a hundred-item list.

  1. Predictive text

Have you sent or received embarrassing or incorrect messages? Autocorrect got you covered. Good thing it’s an app feature though, it’d make a terrible fortune teller.

  1. Computer freezing

Computers are such versatile tools. There are huge numbers of programs that you can run using it. For entertainment, work, socializing or whatever else, there is practically an infinite number of ways to utilize it. That means there is also practically an infinite number of ways you’re screwed when your computer decides to freeze at that “perfect” moment.

  1. People who can’t park

Many people have been using vehicles and the number is continually rising. Along with it though is the rise of the number of incompetent drivers not only on the road but also on the parking lot. Taking two spaces and blocking the driveway, where had you stolen your license?

  1. People talking in the cinema

When we go to the cinema, what we want to hear are the dialogues, music and the sound effects. Not a conversation about how the day is or what they think of this and that or worse, a spoiler. Your brain is practically screaming, “Talk elsewhere!”

  1. Not bringing your phone to the toilet

Dumping is such a boring business. Unfortunately, it has to be done regularly. Fortunately, your smartphone is there to distract you, to provide you with entertainment. So when you left it somewhere else when using the toilet, back to boring business it is for you then.

  1. Internet Argument

What argument is more useless than the ones found on the internet? It’s just an exchange of angry responses guaranteed by safety behind keyboards and in the end, no opinion is changed and no problem is solved.